GDYNS 100% gold whey protein is the latest brand GDYNS Heath Care Pvt. Ltd. It contains 80% whey isolate & whey concentrate. It is latest technological breakthrough in anabolic protein supplementation for body builders, Athletes & Sportsmen. Because the body doesn’t store protein like it does carbohydrates and fats, you need the daily intake of protein to maintain optimum levels of your free amino acid pool. The body will draw from this amino acid pool based on the demand for the development and maintenance of muscle tissue and other body components.

GDYNS 100% gold whey protein  give you more of what you want ( whey protein isolate) with less of what you don’t (fat saturated fat, cholesterol, lactose, and other carbohydrates) with every serving. Gdyns 100% Gold whey protein provides more whey protein isolates (WPI) – the purest and most expensive source of whey protein available.

GDYNS 100% gold whey protein proprietary blend of micro filtered Whey protein isolates, Ion-Exchange whey protein  Isolates, Ultra Filtered whey protein Concentrate, Hydro whey Hydrolyzed whey peptides.#




5lbs (2268g)

100% Gold Whey Protein-5lbs
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