About GDYNS’ “BLU 82 Plus go ”
BCAA’s are the most extensively researched amino acids.
When it comes to turning on anabolic activity in muscle tissues while turning off anti-catabolic activity, no other amino acid have shown such direct effect.

To sum up what BLU 82 Plus go can do for your body- Increase anabolic effects of exercise, decrease anti-catabolic effects of exercise, reduce muscle soreness during and after exercise, decrease recovery time, increase mental focus, decrease both mental and physical fatigue and enhance protein synthesis.

BLU 82 Plus go is enriched with vital nutrients that makes an ideal post-work out and recovery elixir.

Caution: This product is to be consumed as a food supplement. Under no circumstances should you choose to consume this product for medicinal purposes.





Blue 82 Plus Go Orange


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