Egg & Whey Protein Plus is the latest technological  breakthrough in anabolic protein supplementation for athletes. Because the body doesn’t store protein like it does carbohydrates and fats, you  need the daily intake of protein to maintain optimum levels of your free amino acid pool. The body will draw from this amino acid pool based on the demand for the development and maintenance of muscle tissue and other body components that are protein based without adequate protein intake amino acids can be robbed from the muscle tissue with Egg& whey plus. The benefits to the athlete go way beyond the fast absorption and muscle building qualities of whey protein. Advance Egg Whey contains the significant muscle food ingredient that promotes an anabolic environments for muscle growth.

Egg& Whey Protein Plus Starts with high grade micro- base material processed utilizing the most up to date technology of cross- flow micro filtration, and concentrated cold spray drying that yields a full spectrum of peptides including to low molecular weight di & Tri – peptides, and medium molecular weight Oligopeptides for rapid absorption, utilization and complete whey protein benefits. Egg& whey plus contains the following peptide features:

Beta lactoglobulin minimized to 45%
Alpha Lactabumin maximized to 20%
Glycomacropeptides maximized to 15 %

Professional athletes  depend on Egg& whey plus to increase amino acid & nitrogen supply, increase nitrogen retention, and increase protein synthesis. This anabolic action provides a positive muscle growth environment accelerating tissue repair and growth maximum lean mass development.#




1000g, 2500g

Egg & Whey Protein Plus


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