GDYNS Protein Night Fuel is very beneficial for night time muscle recovery. GDYNS Protein Night Fuel helps your muscles repair and growth during night time. GDYNS Protein Night Fuel contain equal ratio of Casein, Whey & Soy Protein. Because when casein protein “gels” in your stomach and releases a steady, continual stream of amino acids for up to fie hours after ingestion. Casein protein prevent muscle loss better then any other protein . Whey Protein is fast acting and has high biological value. Its amino acids are quickly released and rapidly absorbed.

Soy Protein has many benefits, Including the stimulation of growth hormones and testosterone, which can lead to increase in lean muscle mass and reduction in body fat, GDYNS protein Night Fuel is very best protein supplement for night time . GDYNS Protein Night Fuel can enhance anti- catabolic effects in your body.




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Protein Night Fuel


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