Iso Energy is a scientific formulation to hydrate and energize sports persons, fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Heavy duty workouts and sports cause less fluids and electrolytes, via sweat resulting in fatigue, reduced energy and less than optimum performance. the unique formulation of ISO Energy is an instant energy formula that helps restore lost electrolytes and speed up recovery, in athletes, sports persons and gym goers.

Replenish Energy

Glucose is stored in the muscle cells and is the primary fuel for sports and  workouts. Each serving of ISO Energy delivers 15g dextrose, an easily absorbable glucose to recharge muscle cells and build energy.

Restore Electrolytes

Heavy sweating during intense physical activity dehydrate and results in the loss of electrolytes from the body of an athlete. ISO Energy with its 3:4:1 electrolyte balance of  sodium chloride and potassium chloride restores the lost electrolytes in the body. It further prevents cramps and keeps the athlete energetic.

 Recover Faster

            ISo Energy is  fortified with Branched Chain Amino Acids ( BCAAs) and Glutamine in a never-before formulation Together, BCAA and Glutamine help athletes recover faster and enable them to deliver super performance in the gym on in the field.

# These statements have not been  evaluated by the FDA. the products is not intended to diagnose. prevent or cure any disease.





Iso Energy


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