GDYNS “D-TOX LUNG” is a lung cleaner, D-TOX LUNG me be helpful for people who have a health condition or not but occur breathing difficulties in current atmosphere or smoke.
D-TOX LUNG is a research based powerful formula with blend of 20th active ingredients, vitamins and enzymes that work synergistically to detox your lungs and help your respiratory system to get rid of waste caused by somking, air pollution, and environmental toxins produced by industries.
D-TOX LUNG May be helpful for healthy lung function, aids in tar removal for smokers and relief for asthma and COPD.

DIRECTION OF USE: Take 2 tablet with water as per your needs
or as directed by the healthcare professional.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Carriers (460 (I), 170 (i) 551), Sucrose, Lactose, Glazing Agents (553(iii), 901, 462), Grape Seed Extract, Maize Starch, Disintegrate (466), Minerals, Crospovidone, Lubricant (470(i)), Binding agent (1201), Sequestrant (386), Cellulose acetate, phthalate, Thickener (414), Preservatives (219), Coating agent (903).


60 Tablets

D Tox Lung 60 Tablet